Using technology and predictive state software, MPL is making traditional claims processing in the TPA environment a thing of the past.

We have created cognitive solutions that are making the claims process faster, smarter, and more efficient than ever before.

Our proposition is customer-centric and digitally enabled that excels in the three foundational areas of claims management:

- Customer experience
- Efficiency
- Data analytics and presentation


Dealing with a significant loss is stressful enough without having to manage an unwieldy insurance claims process. 

For the insurer, this period is the critical “moment-of-truth” that could make or break a client relationship. It is imperative that an insurer’s adjudication is streamlined to be quick and accurate. 

This is where MPL comes in, we make the claims handler’s workload more productive, negotiating claims faster and more accurately.


Additionally, there is the benefit of preventing claims leakage via early fraud detection and prevention.

Using Sphere7405, we adopt a faster, analytics-driven approach to claims handling and fully automate the processes for clear and simple cases.

Our platform provides remotely enabled online tools for FNOL and an online self-scheduling tool for supplier appointments.


We are a multi-disciplined team underpinned by a management structure representing all elements of the insurance journey.

MPL has been founded to challenge the norm and to make our digital platform the standard, not the exception, within the TPA environment.

Employing Sphere7405 to unite underwriting, actuarial and claims data in a true digital environment creating the ultimate in customer service and access to live, meaningful data.

MPL was created in partnership with ERGO and is led by its founders with the aim of creating a class leading, digitally enabled TPA.


Multi discipline platform design and consideration

Technology led cross class TPA

Software development that is aligned to the lineage of the business and the markets in which we operate

A clear view and understanding of the activities that come into play before and after claims are submitted to MPL

Ability to deploy software solutions in the absence of claims handling services

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