After a wide-ranging search, we have finally found our first Operations Director here at MPL Claims Management Ltd.

We are delighted that Claire Elliott has agreed to join us and to lead our operation into 2022 and going forward. Claire's experience and credentials are a great match for what our company needs in order to meet the challenges which await us in the future.

Reporting to the Managing Director, Claire will focus on further developing, maintaining and overseeing, a high quality and consistent operation that supports, and enables, MPL’s continued success and growth across the UK (and shortly beyond) market(s).

Claire will be joining MPL in December 21, prior to her appointment she was the branch manager at Gallagher Bassett in Ipswich.

With over 20 years of leadership experience, Claire has delivered customer centric and high performing claims management services to a wide range of corporate entities, we know that she is a great fit for MPL and our ever increasing customer base.

Claire's appointment to MPL is a huge step forward and yet more investment into the build of our class leading business.

Through experience, dedication, investment and technology, our foundation is becoming ever stronger as is our team and suite of digital products.

We are delighted to announce that from December 6th 2021, MPL Claims Management is strengthening its partnership with Dutch Digital Systems, DDS, with a true tech collaboration and hybrid outsourcing model that includes the benefits of DDS employed in-house software development onsite with the MPL team at their state of the art HQ in Colchester.

Paul Kershaw DDS Managing Director commented “we are delighted to secure this opportunity DDS to continue beyond proof of concept and further realise the perfect ratio of investments and outcomes that a tech partnership, as a type of hybrid outsourcing, offers”.

“Following an ongoing trial with MPL, Dutch Digital Systems has delivered way beyond both our expectations, achieved during lockdown and on site with MPL”.

Gary Morley MPL Commercial Director, commented, “This is the continuation of a very exciting journey and the start of the much needed in-house development option for the financial and insurance markets, which through its unique partnership with DDS MPL is looking forward to capitalise on”.

"We have created a number of advanced digital applications that have been released to the market with incredible success and amazingly positive feedback including Mitigator, the UK's only fully digital TP Capture product." Mitigator - MPL Claims

This synergy represents a significant milestone in the development and advances of MPL's unrivalled digital proposition and ability to invest way ahead of the growth curve.

The judge found this type of dispute to be ‘a convenient camel for hire companies to ride across the plains’.

Read the full article here:

MPL, part of the ERGO group of companies, is delighted to announce the release of Mitigator to the motor claims TPA market.


On average the MPL team are reducing the handling cost of BI claims by £300 - £500 per case. Our online CV19 portal speeds up the settlement process, reduces the need for complex supply chain engagement and ensures that the policyholder and carrier receive the best results from our expert handlers.

The CV19 portal is just one of the unique digital solutions MPL have bought to market, with the launch of our digital Third Party Assistance module imminent.

Contact us for more information or for details how we can help build your digital landscape.

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MPL has recently concluded a complex data migration project as part of the transition of a new account to us.  There have been some serious challenges in terms of how data has been stored and maintained which have been overcome as the migration project gathered momentum.

Trusting your TPA to manage your data effectively is a key component of outsourcing, often poor integrity and structure only becomes apparent when you look to migrate data and or service provision, which can be a huge issue when managing stakeholder expectations and meeting deadlines.

However the fear of poor data structure, integrity and or quality shouldn’t be a block to transitioning service from one supplier to another.

It’s clear that, even for the most sophisticated companies, data migration can still be challenging, although the pitfalls of an unsatisfactory data migration can be avoided. Here are four common mistakes to watch out for.

1. Failing to standardise your data

Before you can migrate your data successfully, you need to assess the data you have. That means evaluating what is still relevant to your business and what can be removed. After all, there is no point wasting time and money to migrate data that holds no future value to your business.

Once you have streamlined your data, you also need to standardise it. Data inconsistency is a common issue when it comes to data migration failures.

2. Carrying over inaccurate information

Its important to cleanse your data to remove inaccurate information, which can undermine the efficacy of your new database. Data cleansing (also called ‘data cleaning’ or ‘data scrubbing’) ensures your data sets are consistent throughout by identifying incomplete or incorrect information and replacing, amending or deleting it.

3. Poor system design

It’s not enough to standardise and cleanse your data. A new system needs to be designed around your business’ needs, both now and in the future, to ensure you reap the long-term benefits.

Indeed, technical expertise is one of the best tools to ensure effective migration. MPL has an in-house team of data experts, we manage your data migration, and through very recent experience know only too well the potential disruption that an unsuccessful migration could cause.

4. Failing to test

Testing is an important part of your data migration process and should be done extensively before your new facility goes live.

It’s important to have a strong data strategy for your business and a data migration certainly shouldn’t be rushed. A good data management system can save you considerable resources and help you grow your business, while a bad one can damage anything from your reputation to your revenue.

A data migration project is about building a solution that will allow you to extract your legacy data, to transform it and eventually load it into your new system storage.

Data Transformation & Data Migration

Combining our proprietary in-house technologies and your own server or Cloud-based systems, MPL customises your data transformation and/or data migration solution according to your specific requirements - often encompassing a variety of data sources that need reformatting prior to migration into a new or existing system.

MPL recognises that every data migration/transformation project is different and do not use "off the shelf solutions", our data migration services are truly bespoke. We work with you to understand your objectives and to determine the most effective custom solution.

Contact us for more information or for details how we can help build your digital landscape. 

MPL continues to digitally transform the current environment, we understand how to innovate faster, create value quicker and delight customers sooner. We lead the TPA market by embracing the rapid technological change sweeping through the insurance and regulatory industry and have this week released cDap (Claims Data Access Portal), built in response to the demand for ever-greater levels of innovation, accuracy, and access to meaningful data.

cDap combines several data sources into IDEV (Insurance Data Exchange Vault) we have eliminated redundant manual data entry and grant our customers access to a secure environment to access individual claim files, review bespoke data visualisation MI and interface with our team.

We believe that analytics is a vital component of insurance claims processing, providing access to live data even more important, MPL is bringing this to life with significant ongoing investment and further development of our suite of digital applications.

Contact us for more information or for details how we can help build your digital landscape.

MPL Claims Management Ltd has created and launched an online digital interaction for policyholders or nominated and authorised representatives to submit details of their business interruption losses directly to our claims adjusting team.  Our application is fully integrated with the MPL Live claims management system, details of the losses are submitted through our portal and “carbon copied” into the claims file where our adjusting team can view instantly and review alongside policy wordings and schedules to make quick and accurate decisions.

Many businesses across the country are finding that their insurers are either failing to confirm that losses are covered under their BI policy or have declined cover completely, our process is simple and one that provides clear advice and guidance for the insured or their representative to quickly ascertain and understand if their loss is covered and how they can go about submitting their losses for consideration of settlement. 

The development of this unique application builds upon the suite MPL Live modules launched to the insurance and regulatory market and reinforces our proposition, the MPL Live suite of digital applications reduce fraud exposure, accelerates the claims process, and helps gain enhanced customer insight.

We're pleased to support the @Managing General Agents' Association MGAA Marketplace event on 25th November and are looking forward to meeting with a host of expert MGAs & market practitioners to explore how our expertise can complement their businesses.

Appointment of Account Manager.  With experience of working for Solicitors, Tier 1 Insurers and Third Party Administrators Jon Phillips works closely with Gary Morley with regards to new client onboarding and to oversee service delivery specifically with regards to self funded and MGA/Carrier clients. As well as handling claims, Jon has also managed teams, developed client specific process and products and MI across all lines of business.

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