2021 - February

Posted on February 24, 2021 by Dan Benton-Smith

MPL continues to digitally transform the current environment, we understand how to innovate faster, create value quicker and delight customers sooner. We lead the TPA market by embracing the rapid technological change sweeping through the insurance and regulatory industry and have this week released cDap (Claims Data Access Portal), built in response to the demand for ever-greater levels of innovation, accuracy, and access to meaningful data.

cDap combines several data sources into IDEV (Insurance Data Exchange Vault) we have eliminated redundant manual data entry and grant our customers access to a secure environment to access individual claim files, review bespoke data visualisation MI and interface with our team.

We believe that analytics is a vital component of insurance claims processing, providing access to live data even more important, MPL is bringing this to life with significant ongoing investment and further development of our suite of digital applications.

Contact us for more information or for details how we can help build your digital landscape.

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