At the core of our claims function is the digital redesign of the claim’s customer journey. Our entire claims journey is supported with automated, intelligent case management which is critical to establishing our end-to-end digital claims experience.

Using Ai and digital evaluation tools, we automatically identify the best next step in a specific customer journey, reduce manual touchpoints, and significantly speed up the claims process with a continuous focus on cost containment and reduction.


  • Fully digitized claim reporting
  • Track and monitor claims from any location
  • Be notified of significant claim events
  • Collaboration with key stakeholders within the MPL team
  • Seamless integration with email, telephony and text messages


  • Auto load policy data
  • Auto feed bordereau
  • Integration with
    accounts and statutory
  • Advanced Ai based
    sanction and fraud services
  • Flexible API capability


  • Dynamic claim validation rules
  • Data quality metrics
  • Rule based thresholds and delegated authority
  • Compliance monitoring
  • UK hosted GDPR and DPA compliant

We enrich these journeys with insights from behavioural economics that we use to ensure our customers and team follow the most satisfying and efficient paths in their claim’s journeys.

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