Powering MPL Technology is Sphere7405® a full-cycle claims, insurance distribution, underwriting and policy management system – designed and developed by Dutch Digital Systems.

We know security and resilience is paramount. Sphere7405® benefits from being hosted in the Azure environment with all the MPL Technology benefitting from cutting edge security. The requirements for MPL Technology are reflected by the DDS rapid and agile development capabilities achieved by using an agile low code environment.

Data is held in our Insurer Data Exchange Vault a powerful, live omni channel database where data can be transformed and optimized and presented using a range of online tools including cDap

Sphere7405® is the ideal insurance system for the modern Broker, MGA, and Insurer.

Digital Pathways

The MPL suite of technology is complemented by the connecting suite of applications, all designed to increase productivity and enhance customer engagement:
A fusion of MPL technology and clever humans! Mitigator supports a quick capture processes that result in market leading performance rates via unique data portals built for the customer. We activate digital pathways and automate insurance claims processing revealing meaningful and accurate data in a live environment.
Claims Data Access Portal, providing read only claims oversight and bespoke MI and data export.
Claim information harvesting from multiple data-points with omnichannel policyholder outreach to enrich the quality of source information.
A claim data derivation platform that integrates with Mitigator, Instigator, and cDap permitting users to provide “first hand” claims information.
Automatically matches the vehicle registration to GTA category using a databse of 60,000 (and growing) vehicles using our own unique 10 point matching algorithm.
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